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Ramp Up to enter His New Year

God's 6th month (Elul) is a wake up call to prepare us for His New Year.

It's a month to allow the sound of the shofar to vibrate and awaken your soul each day to the Presence of the King.

(Click here to hear it.)

Think of it as the biblical equivalent to the last month of the year.

You reflect back, give careful thought and attention to where things are, consider changes to be made, and shift priorities.

It is also a time of completion (when Nehemiah secured the perimeter of the City.)

What boundary/perimeter has the Lord directed you to establish and what do you need to do to set it fully in place?

Key to this month of ramping up is to remember and soak in the nearness of the Lord.

The King IS in Your field: The I AM is with you: Intimate. Accessible. Near and dear.

He is your Beloved and you are His.

This last picture illustrates the dynamics linked by scripture to this month: It's remarkable!

And absolutely necessary for what is coming next.

Watch the replay, get the details: Allow the Spirit to highlight your specific pathway forward.

He is with you; His On Ramp before you,

But you must take the turn.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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