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Take Up Your Divine Double Blessing and Leap!

As God e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d time for Joshua to battle (Josh 10) so in this leap year we have the extended (doubled) blessing of the 12th month.

And our battle is to wrestle-to-rout-to-rule in order to bring our assignments under divine (12) government.

Yet to be successful we must understand and fully engage the RISE cycle as shown above.

How about a bonus boost?

In this double month there is an added 'LEAP' component: The 'full fueling' to break free from the immense 'gravity' formed by your personal and perennial wrestling matches.

Those gravitational forces are frequently the result of years of fighting the same fight, seeing no change, etc. etc.

But just as the Space Shuttle had to be rightly and fully fueled to reach 'escape velocity,' so may you. (Details on replay.)

Esther is also key this month and it is a great time to read through it again (and again.)

Let me raise two illustrations from Esther on how God's ways are not ours AND we need to align with His.

1. God plays the L-O-N-G game. Esther 1-3 are the set-up and take 9 years; the wrap up is another 12 months.

BE RECALIBRATED: Stay in His time.

2. In order to expose and rout the enemy, God must first out him: To do so, Mordecai is the bait.

BE RECALIBRATED: Don't worry if in your stand for God it feels as if you are 'bait.' The Lord will use you to expose the enemy and his plans.

How we walk out this final month in the cycle is crucial to how we begin the next one.

Take full advantage of this extended time and double blessing month.

Be fully fueled, LEAP!, and escape that gravity.


PS: No Flight Deck next week. We'll miss seeing you.

Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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