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The Normal and Reasonable Courage for Fringe Faith

Fringe faith is what presses through to lay hold of one, small scripture/promise/prophetic word and not let go. It's pictured in the woman of Luke 8.

Driven by 12 years of affliction and isolation, she was convinced that the goodness of Jesus was so vibrant that all she need do was touch the fringe of what enveloped Him.

Jairus came to a similar place.

Facing the horror of losing his 12 year old daughter and desperate beyond any care of appearances, this 3-piece-suit and pillar-of-the-community leader lands a full public face plant before the Itinerant Disruptor.

He found the courage for fringe faith in the bleeding edge Messiah.

How about us?

True enough, we can all 'get' to that kind of place: When there is no hope that we can see, so we turn to the Hope we can't.

But why does it take that? Why can we not take a page from Jairus and be utterly unruffled by how others might judge us? In or out of the church?

In this 12th biblical month God is teaching to wrestle, rout, and rule.

He links these two stories of 12 (years) to show us that 'fringe' faith is not fringe to Him: It's normal and reasonable for those who follow Jesus.

It is also a necessity if we are to fulfill our part to execute His plan in the earth.

Case in point was presented at the close of the Deck by Daphne Swilling. She's had fringe faith for the miraculous to move Georgia's native tribes and the state legislature into reconciliation.

While no 'mainstream' concept, God's word is clear that broken covenants bring a curse on the land, while reconciliation brings alignment with heaven and releases blessing.

So what?

What are YOU called to do/say/declare that may apear to others that you've gone fringe?

Will you find courage and not give a rip what they think or say?

Will you be so determined to fight through any crowd of naysayers, doubts, and discouragement to grab hold of that fringe?

To wrestle, rout, and rule in your assignment sphere will require this of you.

Take heart: God considers it normal and reasonable and He's given each the measure of faith needed.

Choose to use it.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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