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Time to Bring It Under Divine Governmental Alignment

There is a process by which we war to bring things under divine governmental alignment.

The top slide illustrates that process.

It's not complicated - but it does require focus.

These insights arose from scriptures linked to the 12th biblical month (we're now in) and the 12th tribe, Naphtali.

12 is the number of divine government - Understanding and operating in this cycle-process will help us over these next 2 months to prep for the battle ahead.

Rejoicing will key and tee it up, but you must rise into your true identity to then rightly wrestle, rout, and rule.

Rest follows and will re-engage the process back into joy so you enter the next round.

We all have things we wrestle: Things that must come under divine governmental alignment. Some are within, and some without.

Yes, we're all flat out busting-busy trying to keep everything going.

But we are in His service, (dog) tagged as warriors for the Kingdom and responsible to bring all things under His feet.

Watch the replay. See how this process cycle will help you do just that.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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