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Walk This Bridge - Finish Well

God has a bridge for you to walk. A remarkable bridge that will help you finish well and step into 2022 brilliantly. Interested?

Saturday sundown, we enter the 10th biblical month that forms this bridge.

It begins and is anchored by Hanukkah: Celebrating God’s past and current breakthrough miracles and increasing light.

Remembering also the declarations Jesus made during this feast: His sheep hear His voice, they are known by Him, follow closely and NO ONE can snatch them away.

The pathway of this bridge is formed by numerous 10’s in scripture – God’s balance scale when people and choices are assessed:

  • 10 spies: The fear of man or the Fear of God.

  • 10-day Daniel diet: Conform to the culture or stand apart.

  • 10 lepers: Get only the gift or return to the Giver

  • 10 bridesmaids: Prepare/persevere or snore/miss the door.

The ‘feel’ of this bridge is woven by the 10th tribe, Dan: Passionate and powerful, clever and cunning.

Yet these gifts become pits when deployed out of time or unaligned with Him.

Mind any access points of the enemy where he may set a slow siege to wear you down.

For it is Samson, a Danite, against whom Delilah lays siege and vexes his soul.

And t is in this 10th month when the siege is set against Jerusalem.

Make the time to watch the replay for greater detail and allow the Spirit to speak into the specifics of your life.

For 10 is also a number of tremendous grace tied to promotion and blessing: Esther becomes queen; lepers are healed, and; Samson makes it into the Faith Hall of Fame. (Heb. 11)

Walk His bridge, attend His assessments, let miracles break through, and light increase.

You WILL finish well.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Full replay this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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