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Welcome to the Powder Keg Month. Wait...what!?!?

The power and imprint of God's First Month is not by accident: It is meant to shift, shake, recalibrate, and reconfigure us for what lies ahead.

Attend it well so that you do NOT douse what He has lit.

Last night at The Flight Deck we celebrated First Fruits for this new month. And what a month it is.

There are so many biblical anchors that it feels like we're sipping from a full-throttle firehose.

Five key focal points will help you to align to THIS TIME of change and transition:

  1. Receive the imprint of Firsts

  2. Clean house

  3. Don't stay stuck: Leave!

  4. Embrace the suddenlies! (Grace Bombs are going off)

  5. Judah Goes First! (Worship/Warfare: 2 sides/1 coin)

Each of these focal points have practical application steps and the replay will help you walk it out.

It is critical that you do not miss what God desires for you in this month.

There is a reason that you remember FIRSTS - they imprint and set a tone and trajectory for all that follows.

The enemy knows this and will try very hard to distract you with 'urgent' things so that you miss what is important.

Don't give in to the 'tyranny of the urgent.' Focus on what matters and what matters will come into focus.

It's the powder keg month and we need all the grace, life, Spirit, freedom, and change that God has ignited for us.

Boom! Here it comes.

Here we go!


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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