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What Is Fierce Faith?

Fierce faith is untamed, intense, undomesticated, dangerous, relentless, forceful, turbulent, vehement, inordinate, immoderate, and ardent.

It is the hallmark of the tribe of Benjamin, set before us this month so we do not miss this anointing for confrontations.

The wild wolf, the king's crazy kin, the covert queen, and the destroyer turned defender are numbered in this tribe.

They face down all fear of man, be it a garrison, government, or gang of religious thugs.

But as is frequently the case, God sets a balance point to this intense fierceness.

Found in the second prophetic blessing on Benjamin, it promises a posture of rest between the shoulders of the Lord - sheltered and safe.

For we must hold both ends of this 'live wire' in tension: To be fierce in faith and reposed in rest.

For true and right fierceness only springs from the deepest well of His Presence.

It is fitting, therefore, that in this month of The Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) that Jesus fiercely confronts his attackers by speaking of His dwelling in Oneness with the Father. (John 10)

Like Him, we need not fear clashes, contrasts, and confrontations: We lean into them.

Fierce faith IS within you.

For He dwells there and you rest between His shoulders.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

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