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Where Is your NEW Field of Harvest?

Powerful night at the Deck - God showed up, showed out, and revealed more about His latter glory house.

There are some perspective shifts required and the first is this: The great harvest and great warfare are NOT mutually exclusive.

In fact, they coincide.

Secondly, it's time we each must look and see beyond our limited vision and discern our new field for harvest.

When Jesus dragged the disciples through Samaria, they had no desire to go there and no clue what awaited them.

Yet it was their appointed field for a massive harvest.

What is your new field? Are you willing to let Him show you a larger and different sphere of authority, influence, and harvest?

As an 'aircraft carrier,' our model requires we remain attentive and flexible to God's directive on deployment. We do so to support the assignment He gives you so that together we project the power of His Kingdom.

How can we help you to identify, deploy, and work your new field?

Frankly, the hardest part is to be truly open to the who, what, and where of your new field.

Our self-imposed limitations are the highest hurdle we face.

It is all the more important, therefore, to remember that your new field has a Covenant Promise over it.

By that Covenant you are given that sphere. And by that covenant, you will take possession.

If you consider yourself aligned with this house, please take time to watch this replay and catch this word.

The war over your new field is already at work: The intensity of that warfare is consummate with the level of increased harvest that awaits.

Don't delay. See beyond your presumed limits so you may take hold of that for which He took hold of you. 


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Full replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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