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Your Reserved Seat Awaits: Ascend, Sit, Govern

One strategy of the enemy is to get us to blow by the Ascension. Why does he bother?

It forms the final part of the 3-legged stool of how we are 'in Christ' and it breaks open our position with Him for Kingdom work.

We have been and remain co-located and seated with Him so that we can war from that location, position, perspective, and authority.

And yet, as the Body we are far too often earthbound and self-limiting for those who are citizens of The Kingdom of Heaven.

This month also reminds us that In addition to being co-located with Christ, we have been co-filled.

Since the Holy Spirit can not be diluted or divided, then He abides in us in the same quantity and quality as He does in Jesus.

The difference, then, is a matter of how much of us the Holy Spirit can access.

We restrict His command and control to a small section - restrained and contained.

Pentecost this month reminds us that we are far more effective when the Spirit is given full unfettered reign.

There have been times in history, when it might have been unnecessary for the Body to grasp the co-location and co-filling available to it.

This is NOT such a time.

So much is swirling, charging, and changing in the atmosphere and the various earthly structures.

We must ascend to the location, position, perspective and authority of our seats in the heavenlies.

We must surrender every desire and fiber of our beings to the fullness of the Spirit.

It's not all that hard - but it does require that we choose.

Your reserved seat awaits you now.

Ascend, sit, and govern - being filled to the brim with Him.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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