Mask-maker, mask-maker, make me a mask.

Masks worked wonders, way-back-when. Beyond image management, they transformed us as kids: Suddenly we were strong, fearless, with purpose and limitless possibilities. Remember? We had a 'glory' when we wore them and no wonder: Our deeper issues, fears and insecurities were simply, gone...for a while, anyway. Ah, but now that we're older and wiser we put the masks away. Right? Right? Maybe we're just so sophisticated in our spirituality that it's not obvious. Yet many a finely-crafted and time-formed mask remains. They look more holy than heroic; more humble than self-serving, more divine than disconnected. But they're a lie. And they killing our light and life an

'I AM Father' - The Requisite Heart for Any Legacy

There is a core craving in the earth for true-father and mother hearts. A void that longs for this essence of God. Tragic that those true-hearts seem so scattered and scarce. Yet now we stand to call them forth. The time is short and the need pressing. Two touch points: First, Mordecai's true-father heart. Hallmarks? Raise and release. Counsel and confront. Advise and advocate. And recall this: No Mordecai; no Esther. No Esther; genocide. Who waits for you out there and what will come if you are absent? Touch point two on the true-heart: The prodigal's poppa. Hallmarks? Raise and release - even when rejected. Remain hopeful so to watch and wait and wait some more. Pl

Manage Your Circles - Increase Your Impact

Jehovah Sneaky, the Wonder Weaver, was at work again last night. Threads of varied texture and color, woven together by divine transactions to create a tapestry of impact. How does impact work? We looked at the 3 circles that make up our focus: Concern, Influence, Control. All three require attention as they will feed or steal from each other and thereby drive how effective we are. With many people, their circle of concern overwhelms and shrinks the other two. Result? They stew on the sidelines of impact - bemoaning what is and is not and feeling powerless to change it. But that is not you, is it? It is not God's plan for you and it is not how we function together. (Fir

A battle strategy that requires laughter

We're in a new biblical month - a leap-year month linked to the battle and the party in Esther. And there's a coherent strategy to help us walk from the fight to the feast. Four landing points: The problem, the promise, the practical, and the party. Four actions we must engage along the way: Look, Lift, Leap, and Laugh. Look sounds easy but it's not: We need break the bubble of denial that frames atmospheres in and out of the church. Oft times a fog of familiarity and comfort blurs it all - we simply don't know that we don't know. Sometimes that thing we think is not broken, needs be broken. So a 'Mordecai' is required to pierce our delusional cocoon. A gentle jest by the Spi

So you THINK you know the Power of Covenant? Not likely, not yet...

I'm a lifelong student of scripture, a prophetic teacher, seminary grad with a Hebraic heart-set and a daily spelunker into the richness of God's Word. Reasonable assumption that I would know more than enough about 'Covenant.' Yeah...well, last night God dropped all of us into deeper waters by the hand of Ruthie Young. Now, I had read and appreciated her new book, The Covenant Keeper, but last night there was a texture and a tenor I had yet received: An impartation and an imprint through the authentic voice of the Shepherd. That is rare. There are many things we grasp with our minds but then there's deep heart-knowledge intimacy where it vibrates in your bones and informs e

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