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Mask-maker, mask-maker, make me a mask.

Masks worked wonders, way-back-when. Beyond image management, they transformed us as kids: Suddenly we were strong, fearless, with purpose and limitless possibilities. Remember? We had a 'glory' when we wore them and no wonder: Our deeper issues, fears and insecurities were simply, gone...for a while, anyway. Ah, but now that we're older and wiser we put the masks away. Right? Right?

Maybe we're just so sophisticated in our spirituality that it's not obvious. Yet many a finely-crafted and time-formed mask remains. They look more holy than heroic; more humble than self-serving, more divine than disconnected. But they're a lie.

And they killing our light and life and our witness to the world.

These masks still proffer safety and delusional glory but the side effects are toxic. We impugn the power of His presence and alienate the deeper grace and genuine glory He has set within. What once made us feel powerful in play now makes us weak in witness.

The reason is simple: The mechanics of the mask buries our brokenness. Those holes in your soul. The fear here is that tackling those lays hold the live wire - tough to touch, harder to hold, easier to leave alone. And so, for most, camouflage trumps candor and true glory is gagged.

Yet scripture is clear: Brokenness is a holy offering and His preferred access point to glory released. The world is rightly weary of teflon-Christianity but let's be clear: This is no therapeutic theology. You can be bold in your brokenness without it dominating your identity. But you'll never function in the fullness of your identity without mutilating the mask that hides it. Stephen Watch replay from this week, click here. PS: Next Deck: First Fruits for the First Biblical Month. Brace yourself.

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