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Manage Your Circles - Increase Your Impact

Jehovah Sneaky, the Wonder Weaver, was at work again last night. Threads of varied texture and color, woven together by divine transactions to create a tapestry of impact. How does impact work? We looked at the 3 circles that make up our focus: Concern, Influence, Control. All three require attention as they will feed or steal from each other and thereby drive how effective we are.

With many people, their circle of concern overwhelms and shrinks the other two. Result? They stew on the sidelines of impact - bemoaning what is and is not and feeling powerless to change it. But that is not you, is it? It is not God's plan for you and it is not how we function together. (First 15 min of the replay will help you with this.)

Understanding how we operate within our circle of control to increase our circle of influence and so impact our circle of concern, we then commissioned and launched Kim on her assignment to Israel. Once more, this carrier impacts God's First Nation and that First Nation impacts us and, well...EVERYTHING shifts. But there was more. Pastor Bonface Simani (from Eldoret, Kenya) carries a tender and humble heart that fills the room. Rightly so as he brings the tangible Kingdom of God to children and adults battered by poverty and the scourge of HIV.

As in each of his past 2 visits, we encountered the heart of God yet again and that always brings change. But since there are no spectators on a carrier, the impact must have a return flow. It did. Words of encouragement and direction, prophetic pictures with promise, scriptures and revelation were downloaded and released by the Spirit through those gathered here. It always amazes me to watch the dancing hand of God.

You gotta love God's sense of humor, too. Kim heard a new name/title to release over Pastor Bonface Simani: "Bold Face Tsunami" An anointing for boldness to call for a tsunami of the Spirit on the land, students, teachers and church and for the outpouring of all necessary provision. Whew! Circles of impact ignite in moments like this - if we will but attend to Him. The Spirit drops a word, we agree and declare and LIFE breaks through. And so Kenya impacts Georgia and Georgia, Kenya. And Israel? Israel impacts it all and all of this impacts Israel. In the move and alignment of the Spirit, it is simply how He wants it to be. So manage your circles - Increase your impact. Be effective and fervent as you align with Him. Stephen Full replay of the Deck, click here. To donate to support Pastor Simani through a US Non-Profit, go to Pastor 'Tsunami's' Facebook Page is here.

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