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5 things you need to know to move through this time...

​It feels like the presence of God continues to increase dynamically at each gathering of The Deck. So good to be together again last night.

We're in a time where there can be a lot of confusion. We've broken through and crossed over with Passover/Crucifixion/Resurrection.

But then why isn't everything going the way I thought it would go? Why are there these challenges? Why are there issues I'm dealing with?

​In scripture we see that while Israel escaped Egypt it clearly wasn't all song and dance. It was an emotional roller coaster. There were many trials that would come their way and amazing things that God would do but confusion often reigned in them in this transition.

They were free and often afraid. Freedom can do that to us. The unknown can have that affect.

Breakthrough and crisis - breakthrough and crisis - it's just undeniable as we see Israel moving out and on to Sinai.

​Same kind of thing happens with the disciples post-Resurrection. So many of their expectations were thrown sideways in the days following.

They were disoriented as to what had happened, when He would appear and disappear and what exactly it would look like whenthe power from on high would come. It just wasn't the same anymore. Sure He was alive but He was not with them as He had been. Now what?

In this transition time between Passover and Pentecost ALL were being prepared for the fullness - the MORE - looking forward to what's coming in 50 days.

We're in that 50 day count of time right NOW. A time that God said to count up the days and Jesus said, 'Wait until...'

​We're now to live with anticipation even in the mist of confusion.

Here's how to move through this time:

1. Live with expectation. Ours is the Good News of MORE! We were not set free just to wander around in some God-forsaken chaos. God set us free to connect us deeply with Himself and with each other. He's doing it again, now, in new ways. Watch for it.

Remember that the disciples were moving from having the Spirit 'with them' to having Him 'in them.' The 'cord' is about to be fully plugged IN!

​2. Give thanks each day for very specific blessings. We're in the days of 'counting the omer' - of waving before the altar of God a reminder of the blessings we have received. It's an easy discipline: Just thank Him each evening for a very specific thing.

So maybe on one day....raise your wallet in your hand to the Lord and give Him thanks. Maybe raise your kid up before him....then wave your house key.... your car key...heck, wave your pet or your spouse or you utility bill. (Hey - you have POWER on, yes?)

Be specific, be purposeful and confirm your faith for all His goodness to you.

3 Watch for the links between Passover/Resurrection and the power of the Spirit falling and the Word of God coming in Fresh Fire and Power.

God purposefully linked these two events together and we should not ignore that significance.

4. Do not react negatively to the tight spots (as Israel did) when they come but choose to trust him even when its crazy. Beware the emotional roller coaster. Declare you're choosing to trust him: Fill the atmosphere around you. If you fail - fail FORWARD. Keep moving.

5. There may be confusion around you but do not be confused. You're looking forward to MORE. There are old parts of Egypt that need to be unpacked from each of us as we go.

Sorry I don't have a composite video right or even the audio posted on Drop computer crashed but new equipment is on the way.

Kind of a pointed illustration to this teaching, yes? An effective illustration for me of way to stay in faith in the midst of change.

Faithful is He.

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