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Unhinged? Get engaged! What you'll need to know to see this happen

Let's make this easy for you.....Click on this link and watch this very brief 3 minute summary From Unhinged to Fully Engaged.

There was so much more but as your time compresses I have to give it in short form and leave the longer discussion with those who want to push in more deeply.

That's really nothing new, is it? Jesus spoke in succinct ways but then it was the few who would follow through and ask, "What the heck did THAT mean?'

If you want to full 4 course meal then the links are right below in two parts.

What you'll learn:

  • How God is using this time IN YOUR LIFE to find traction in you for His next move ​forward

  • How this is preparing you to hear HIs voice, receive His revelation, and be soaked by HIs Spirit.

  • How His strategy involves a push-pull dynamic to open you up.

  • How He has become vulnerable to draw you in

  • How these create the context for you to become 'hinged' and fully engaged

  • ​How this breaks off the victim mentality to move you forward

Try the snack (the 3 minute vid.) Find time for the meal.

Eat well; Live well.


Full teaching:

Slides and audio on Drop Box - click here to download.

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