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Misplaced confidence? Is THAT why you're stuck? Not a what - but a when...

Real quick - punch up this video right here.

In just 3 quick minutes you'll get A key part of The Deck teaching. (There's much more on the full session.)

Let it roll around inside of you...

Kind of like a piece of candy inside your mouth....or

...Like a grenade inside your mental construct.


The reason we don't walk into all that God has for us ties back to the same old dialogue tween Eve and the Snake.

Fear is the outcome and it keeps us absolutely stuck.

What's the opposite of fear?


Yes....But what's the solution?



Our confidence is out of order. We've got it in the wrong place in the sequence of things.

Watch the short Truth Shot vid. Dig into the full teaching.

Do not be held back by presuming you know what it is that you need right now.

Forward this on to all the folks who need a quick Truth Shot.

Stir it up!


PS: Next week - As God brings us into HIs new month, do you know what to watch and align for all that He has for you? (LIKE the page, please.)

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