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It's time for YOU to 'VAV' heaven and earth

Just click on the 3 minute vid above and get a key from last night. (or click here.)

This will require just .03% of your week.

Think you can afford to invest that?

Do you have any idea who you are and what you've been tasked to do this year?

Watch and learn.

Then set aside time to watch the full word. (Click here)

God is reminding us:

YOU be 'da VAV!'

Some things in the full teaching:

  • How you are 'da VAV and why that's important.

  • Why God is reminding us of the temporary nature of things.

  • How we're required to be (or become) flexible and in motion.

  • Since 'the wheel, she calls to me,' we have to STOP.

  • And much more.

Don't be overwhelmed but focused: GET OFF THE WHEEL for a bit.

Watch so you're not inundated by the garbage that would distract you.




Come into agreement in time, place and manner and...

Be 'da VAV!'


Like us and leave a comment, please at

3 Minute Truth Shot video of this topic click here. (This is not an excerpt but a stand alone 3 min vid to encourage and challenge you.)

Full teaching from last Deck, click here.

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