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Light and dark collide - New month to get your warfare strategy in the midst of conflict

(Note: I wrote this yesterday afternoon but was just letting it sit for a while. Last night we turned on the news and saw about Paris...God knows the times.)

Crazy and amazing night at The Deck Thursday.....Great night.

(Here's a 3 min. vid that I shot/created Friday to help you get oriented for this month.)

As with each new biblical month - God has set trigger points in His word to help us navigate amidst these times that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. (VUCA)

God answers that dynamic - not so we'll be in denial but so we can see the places of opportunity and advance:

Vision then frames Volatility

Understanding will comprehend Uncertainty

Completeness surrounds Complexity, and

Amazement overshadows Ambiguity

Some key points to watch in this month as it unfolds are these....(watch full replay click here.)

  • This will be an Intense month - choose to walk in passion with God or in strong rebellion against Him.

  • Expect light to break open into 'darkened areas.' (Public issues as well as private.)

  • Grab hold of warfare strategies that God releases to you in this month. (The tribe of Benjamin is a long list of passionate and highly cunning warriors.)

  • Old wineskin v. new wineskin conflicts will play out. (Saul/David; Jesus/religious rulers; Saul/early church.)

  • Watch/shift your alignment.

  • Allow God to implant in you that which will grow in time and develop into far more than you could imagine

These words of Jesus are time-stamped in this month in John 10:

"My sheep hear my voice...and they follow me."

In the midst of anything else that you think you know - let this truth be active in you in this time

  • Listen.

  • Hear.

  • Choose to obey.

For these words are also 'time stamped' in this month:

"No one can snatch them out of my hand."

Next week: Warfare strategy and tactics for your family.


Short vid to trigger key points, click here.

Full teaching, click here.

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