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Seduced Settler? Be limitless! (And a wild and helpful definition of 'The New Normal')

Seven reasons why you'll want to see and hear the latest replay from The Deck:

  1. The humor and the 'hole' you're in as a Settler. (Spoiler alert: yeah, that's you.)

  2. Your hunger to be limitless and how it connects either to a drug or to God.

  3. A brief but radical redefinition of The New Normal to shift what you think when you hear it used. (2 min quick vid here.)

  4. Why this OT book is stunningly on target for the church today.

  5. How you're making choices each day but don't know it because they're 'Y' intersections.

  6. How your daily choice of the wall around is a life or death decision: choose life.

  7. How your addictive thought process is chaining you down.

There's more. Taste and see.

God showed up in so many, many ways at The Deck: Something has been breaking loose.

Thank you for praying this in.



  • Next week: Mayor John Gayle - Aligning our prayers with a new perspective.

  • Monday night: Stephen teaching at the prison. Please pray.

  • Tuesday night: Lowndes Strategic Prayer Team

2 minutes to redefine and re-align The New Normal.

Full replay click here.

To purchase Limitless by Leann Squire (as heard in the teaching)

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

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