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The pending explosion just over your head (and how to avoid it.)

​Can you see the wiggly lines/wires in the view through the jet canopy in this picture?

Know what those are and why they are there?

Explosive cord!!!


Yup. They're designed to blow the canopy to shreds so the pilot can eject safely. (Thank you for the info, Jeff L.)

We all get comfortable and isolated with our perspectives and sometimes God has to blow that apart if we're unwilling to look again.

At The Deck, I released a quick 13 minute teaching on how and why God HAS to shift our view to have a Kingdom perspective. We all need a 'second touch.' (And a 3rd and 4th and....)

(Click here for a 2 minute quick shot of're gonna laugh at the last 5 seconds...and I'll be in trouble....again.)

An 'heir-craft carrier' functions effectively because of the MANY perspectives that it has access to...

...and USES.

Mayor John Gayle was the main portion for us and he brought in a whole other view of what's happening in the city: Both the good news of breakthrough and the challenges that loom before us.

We MUST have the voices and vision of those like John from all the other mountains/spheres of the culture. They see ways that the Kingdom of God is moving that we must also see.

Remember, that Jesus warned "...because you say, 'We see,' your sin remains."

I think this has an application when we assume that what we 'see' and how we see it is complete.

Watch these 13 minutes to see how this works and let God challenge your limited view so He doesn't have to blow the snot out of your 'canopy.'

Then you can watch the second part where Mayor Gayle gives us an update and hit list for praise and for prayer. We align to help him complete his assignment from God.

It's all about the Kingdom. God's Kingdom includes the church but it's more than that.


  • 2 min quick Truth Shot vid here.

  • 12 min vid (click here) to help you open your eyes so God doesn't have to blow your canopy to pieces.

  • Part 2 (click here) - Valdosta City Mayor John Gayle releases a report and request for how God is blessing this city.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays


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