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The leverage you'll need...

So we were having an amazing time in worship last night but then the Spirit shifted things and dropped in a whole new dimension.

I had started playing this song, Father Me and He cracked open hearts to go deep.


God was making a point that would come up much later in the teaching:

He really is FOR us.

But it's something we now need to KNOW down in our bone marrow.


We have to learn how to do things differently. Things we thought we knew how to do: Rest and wrestling are part of that.

We've all wrestled with things for years, so why the big deal?

Maybe because there's just so much MORE that we wrestle with?

Maybe because the wrestling has become more intense not just in quantity but in quality.

I am seeing a pattern emerge:

There's a way we can 'plug in' so that His power is moving but all too often we're ignorant or just unwilling to hold onto both ends of 'the Wire.'

But only in doing that is the circuit complete: Only then is there a flow.

Here's a 2 1/2 minute vid I shot this morning. It will be enough to shift some thinking and give you a new weapon with which to fight.

From there you can decide if you need/want more. (If so, click here.)

Heard a number of reports from those here last night that they wanted to watch the replay - just to hear it again.

Be encouraged. Be aware. Get all that He has for you.

There is something powerful here for leverage: Rest in your wrestling - Wrestle for your Rest.


Newly shot 2 minute Truth Shot, click here. (Good to forward to friends who are busy.)

Full teaching from last night, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

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