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A new way to worship breaking forward...

It was great to have a different voice, a different perspective and gifting operating at The Deck last night.

Eileen Freeman reflects a very creative and flowing part of God's glory. You'll get a sense of that as she teaches and shares her heart. There's a gentleness there but also a fierce passion and connection that burns underneath. (More on Eileen and Ignite Ministries, click here.)

At around minute 36 (on the replay,) it all gets very dynamic as we see her shift and operate in her 'minstril gifting.' What the heck is that?

It is the ability to tap into a sound of heaven and then move with the Spirit to connect the Body creatively to the Father.

It's not practiced or staged.

And it's risky.

So last night, Eileen started to move in that gifting. I followed in on guitar and then, slowly, everyone found their way to connect and move in the sound.

Song. Sound. Movement. Even whistling. (Whistling?! Yeah...never heard that before but it seemed to be like joy-releasing.)

Sound wild? Maybe not your usual cup of tea?

For some of you, it will not be comfortable. That's cool: But leverage that and seek Him.

Personally, I'm finding God has pretty much set Himself against my trying to stay comfortable so much ot the time. He keeps breaking me into the deeper range of Who He is and How He operates. Jehovah-Sneaky, yet again.

Worship IS risk. Let that sink in.

For others, last night will resonate deeply and call something alive in you. Good: Now leverage that and seek Him.

You see,God is simply not interested in you being all the same, even in your opinions, tastes, and preferences: BORING!

Rather, it is critical that we value and embrace the diversity of God as reflected in His people and giftings.

'Oh Lord, please shut us down when we all start to sound and move alike.'

At that point we've likely become some kind of religious entity and no longer functioning as the living and breathing Body of the Moving and Advancing King.

Celebrate today. Find your unique way to worship. Remember that in Him you live and move and have your being.' (Acts 17)


Full replay of the Deck starts here.

Or...jump to minute 36 here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

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