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Maybe you just need to get high?

So many are getting swept away by the craziness of chaos we're in.

God sets dates and celebrations in His word so that we'll gain a different perspective on things.

(It's almost as if He knew, in advance, what we would need to remember at what time and then set it up in He could really do that!)

In Esther 9, an annual celebration is established (Purim: right now) so we remember how God did and does work behind the scenes

while we move in obedience to effect a complete judo-flip of the situation.

There is, however, a pathway that leads to God's divine reversal of all the evil that was intended against His people.

It's starts in quiet and subtle submission but moves over time to an all out offensive battle.

It's a path - a process - walking daily to do the next thing. He's at work but we have our part to play.

But here's the catch...

If you're too zoomed in on certain things in your own life or on certain manifestations of craziness, you will miss the bigger picture of what God is doing.

You have to be elevated in your perspective. So in that way, yes, you have to get high.

Only then can we secure the peace of the bigger picture to walk obedience and not traffic in fear, panic and reaction.

​Watch, learn, listen to what the Spirit is saying NOW to the church vs what fear commands.

Ignorance is not bliss..

'Not my issue: Not my problem,' will miss your collaboration in this work He's doing.

'Oh my, oh my, oh my,' will keep you stuck when He's calling you to respond.

Get up high and look again. Things will slow down when you do.

Find your place, be in peace and then ask, 'What does obedience look like today?'


PS: At the bottom is a reprint of the prophetic word that Chuck Pierce released Sunday AM. There was more than we covered in the teaching so I wanted you to have it all for context.

Two minute teaser, here.

Full replay of The Deck, 'Flying Into The Change That Frightens Us,' click here.

Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion morning celebration:

"The next six weeks will be a time of un-downing your nest. For many of you have grown accustomed to the place where your nest is, but I will be removing the down in the nest that you're in. This removal will be the preparation of propelling you into the future I have for you.

"Do not be discouraged from the pricking that you go through over this next six weeks. For the pricking, and the pricks that you hear coming, are part of the un-nesting that will propel you higher as you begin to be pushed into the next dimension of your destiny. This is My time of pushing you forth.

"As you have heard today, mercy will come, mercy will come, mercy will come, mercy will come, mercy will come, and mercy will come again! I will have a people rising above the fray in this land!"

Shout, "Let there be LIGHT!" Declare this is your time of RECALIBRATION! Decree TRIUMPH over the five-dimensions of enemies that would try to come against you. This is your time to enter into the preparation for your next level of ascending!

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