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God's SCARY commitment to your greater freedom...

We understand (sort of) the high cost God paid to bring us freedom.

What we don't really get is the cost we need to pay to fully walk in that in the core of our being.

Even more - we don't grasp that God is intensely focused and determined that we WILL walk in the fullness of that freedom.

​In prep for The Deck this week, I heard the Lord say,

'I am committed to your freedom...regardless of what it costs YOU.'

This was not what I expected. The sentence started fine but then the 'costs you' part surprised me. It was unsettling.

In walking through the times and seasons of God, we are now 'on approach' to the celebration of Passover. This time is tied to the ramp up to The Great Escape. A time when God engaged a brutal grudge match against the gods of Egypt.

Plague after plague and one by one He took them on; body-blow after body-blow.

​It was a public demonstration for His people to show that those other 'gods' were not trustworthy: He alone remained.

The process cut the strings that connected them to Egypt after 400 years of being immersed in that confused culture. It prepared them to leave in every way - not just physically.

It also demonstrated God's freedom 'process' at work....messy but necessary.

Doesn't it seem like He's doing the same thing right now, in our time?

He's exposing the 'clay feet' of things on which we have set too much of our peace of mind, identity and security.

Wild? Yes. Frightening? Yup.

He's radically and passionately committed to our FULL freedom - a freedom that can only be attained when we we have had all 'other gods' pried out of our death grip so that He alone IS our life and our security.

Body-blow after body-blow, the false idols and gods of our time being exposed.

Now is the time to allow God to take us into the next level of freedom. Your path will not be the same as mine: Each is unique. Each will deal with wrong sources of security and identity.

Celebrating the coming Passover is not about a historical reminder and replay: It's about how that very process is working at a deeper level than the year before - in YOU.

There is more freedom before us.

Be willing to let Him take you into it - regardless of what it costs you.


Full replay of this teaching, here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays.

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