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Did your water just break? It's happening this month

God has fun messing with me so I get to mess with your head.

He's working to reframe our nice and neatly packaged theologies: He breaks off the old religious crust from scripture so we can 'look again' and see what He's doing NOW in our lives.

The parting of the Red Sea was like a woman whose water breaks. The pressure was building - the new thing was coming.

Conceived earlier and time to be delivered.

God literally 'broke' the water at the Red Sea and Israel was delivered.

Messy and loud, with fear and complaining...Like most deliveries, I guess.

But the end result was a national 'reset' and a new start for the people of God.

40 years later on the same month, God repeats this and 'breaks the water' of the Jordan with Joshua.*

I asked the women last night what they thought when their waters broke -

  • "Ugh!"

  • "There's no return."

  • "Can I change my mind?"

  • "Hallelujah! It's about time."

  • "Here we go."

  • "No turning back."

  • "My mind went completely blank. I had to go back and read the instructions. I forgot what I was suppose do to next."

Water breaking is not the end of the story - it's the trigger for action and movement.

Likewise - in this new month when your 'water breaks' you'll still need to decide to move forward.

Two quick things to watch this new month - God's first month (per Exodus 12.)

1. When God 'breaks your water' - it is to release something that has been developing in you for some time but NOW it's time for that to emerge. Agree with Him for this shift in your life in this time.

2. It can be frightening to walk between two massive walls of water. Can you trust that they won't collapse in on you? Decide to breathe and push through.

This is how we get to the other side and the new freedom that we'll find only there.

We covered a lot more last night but somehow it was shorter than usual. (Whew!)

We've heard some powerful feedback already - this word hit home so you may want to hear it all. Click here.

Welcome to the first biblical month - God's 'reset' for us in His time.


* Lots of other examples in the teaching.

Replay of last night's teaching, click here.

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