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You're not an idiot, agreed?

'Oh, if ONLY I knew then what I know now...!'

But you do.

'These things happened to them (Israel) as examples and were written down as warnings for us...' (1 Cor. 10.)

Whenever we cross over into the new (as we are now,) it's wise to look back and see how our forefathers and mothers screwed it up.

It is said that only an idiot learns all things by first hand experience.

Wisdom learns from the scores and scars of others.

We can know what we need to know now - rather than wait until it hits the fan.

At the Deck last night, we covered a list of things that will be in play as we are all moving forward into a new season.

(You can jump in at this p​oint in the teaching to get to that list.)

The level and pace of change are INCREASING. How will you find your way through?

Israel did not manage change well as they crossed out of Egypt. Virtually all the change was driven by God but they would not shift with Him.

As for us, instability can actually work positively when we know how to connect the dots: A dynamic that is unique and compelling.

Rom. 8:28 is something that we need to know down in our bones even more than in our heads.

But surprise: It is not a passive verse. There is no 'que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.' (Thank you Doris Day.)

There are two active and conditional triggers to this synergy of God.

  • How are your passion and obedience factors?

  • How well are you aligned in the purposes He created you to embody?

No longer can we use this verse as Christian fatalism and passivity.

God is FOR us, IN us, and THROUGH us.

As we actively engage this Word, His synergy moves, combines, blends, mixes, shakes, stirs and arranges the fragmentation of 'all things' to advance the good of the Kingdom.

Don't be an idiot: Learn from those who stumbled with God.

Then align and run the path as He leads.

Stay engaged. Stay dangerous for good.


To see the full replay of The Deck word, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays.

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