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What's the trigger you're avoiding?

Just two things from The Deck last night that I want to stir up in you...

One - Jesus was looking forward (earnestly desiring) to have this Passover because He was finally going to pull the trigger for 'the big event' of crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

He came and was incarnate for this assignment. And now, at long last, it could commence.

It is only after Jesus gives the directive to Judas to 'What you do, do quickly,' that He proclaims, "NOW is the Son of Man glorified..."

Jesus remembered where He came from and where He was going. We must do the same.

What, in your assignment are you putting off for fear of the change or pain of doing it?

Align in the Lord's timing and pull the trigger.

The 'dread' of something is virtually always more difficult than the thing itself. Step forward and move out: Cross the bridge.

Two: John's Gospel presents the last supper quite differently in order to snap the church back.

There is no bread and wine, body and blood but rather he sets a foot washing front and center. That surprise you?

After He's done, Jesus asks, 'Do you have any clue what I have done TO you?'

​(Peter, particularly, has to come to terms with this work by the Master.)

But all of them have been shifted; there is no going back. Jesus sets a new command and standard in how we all deal with ALL of those who are His disciples.

The standard to love them 'as we love ourselves' is too low and subjective.

Now we must love all his disciples as Jesus does.


There's much more in the full replay so I hope you can watch and chew on it.

BTW: Tonight is Passover and many of us will celebrate with a Seder meal.

Regardless your plans: It's time.

Welcome, in advance, to what God is bringing forward. Tomorrow isn't just another day.

It wasn't for Israel - wasn't for Jesus - wasn't for the disciples - and it certainly won't be for us either.

Cross over tonight. There may well be fog on the other side but the Father's waiting there for you if you'll let Jesus clean your feet so you can walk across.


For the full replay, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays.

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