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Unhinged... what about you?

Let's keep this simple...

A hinge connects two things together and facilitates the connection so that it's strong but moving. Without the 'pin' to hold it together and pivot - it's toast.

This is what God is doing with us all...right now.

He did it with Israel. Jesus did it with the disciples.

One side of the hinge was Passover and crossing the Red Sea into freedom. One side for the disciples was Christ The Passover in crucifixion, resurrection and crossing into redemption.

But there was always MORE to come. Another side of the hinge. No one is supposed to stop at this point.

Israel needed more than an escape: They needed to be where they could hear God's voice themselves and receive His Word.

The disciples needed more than to see Jesus raised: They needed the full power of the Holy Spirit within them.

​But between these great events, God set a time lag: A 50 day 'hinge pin.'

Time was necessary - encounters and lessons that were critical.

So it is today: we're in the time of the hinge-pin.

It's that which connects what has been done and what God wants to do.

We see this dynamic with Israel post Red Sea and with the faithful post resurrection.

But what about us?

Do we see the time and events now as a 'hinge pin' to connect us into what He has waiting?

Seeing and discerning that is part of the gifting that God gave to the tribe of Issachar.

This month is also linked to the name that God calls Himself, 'I am the Lord who heals you.'

Allow this time of the 'hinge pin' to heal where you've become unhinged.

Allow Him to connect your past to your future.


Full Deck replay, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays.

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