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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Forum......Ambushed by God, again.

We didn't go overseas these past two weeks to find something ‘spiritual.’ There was no specific direction from God where to go or what to do: Just a time to unplug and shift.

But then God...

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. (Pr. 16:9)

You know how visual I am. The Spirit imprints by the richness of color, texture, and contrasts....Something beyond words but striking to the core.

These few pictures are a taste of what I was able to catch and was captured by.

Scripture works like this in me also: Drawn into deeper wells - revelation, nuance and open shafts of light.

Things I had missed but the Spirit now reveals.

There's always more.

​These past two weeks we anchored in various apartments and walked the streets of great cities.

I could feel the imprint but not articulate it: A stirring within - God connecting the dots of image to revelation.

It's still early, but last night I shared some scattered bits. (Replay here.)

1. Sojourners in a foreign land cannot operate in modes of frustration that it is 'not like home.'

Likewise, our own culture feels increasingly ‘foreign’ to many of those aligned in Jesus. This requires not critique but adaptation to break out of resentment and habit to move forward.

The culture needs life and light: Move out. Move well.

​2. Rome stands as a reminder of greatness lost. A monument to the brilliance and arrogance of both state and church.

It gives us...pause.

3. Google is not the ultimate authoritative source for knowledge and direction. It does remind us that we must become as quick to 'google' God as we are to google Google.

He has given us the tools to navigate these changing times if we’re willing to use them.

Cost and intentionality are required to keep your 'GPS activated.' Only He can reveal our true location so we know how to move.

Presumption, like arrogance, still kills.

4. We're not the first to be so excited about our plans to help the Kingdom advance.

Many started well to bring glory to God; few could keep the focus upon Him rather than the work that was supposed to honor Him.

5. We labor hard for legacy and permanent signs of greatness.

While God, with a chuckle, releases effortless and transient blessings to remind us that He does new things new, every day.

6. The humor of God abounds. It's a reminder that He's fully involved and not worried.

And that we take ourselves far too seriously.

​(Note Saint Peter's headwear God gave him to wear the day we were at Piazza San Pietro in Vatican City.)

World systems can pull away from His ways and so, from what is humanity's best interest.

But He's still working The Plan.

We're not to be ugly tourists. We're not to be fearbound homebodies regardless how 'foreign' things become.

We are those 'whose hope is in Him; who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.'


Full replay, here.

Click here for the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays and to subscribe to us on YouTube.

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