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MORE than a conqueror? Heck, I can't even find the light switch half the time.

Quick favor?

Click on this link right now and watch for a few minutes. (If you're pressed for time just skip past my brief intro and start to listen to Wayne at the 4 minute mark.)

It's not a 'WOW!' thing. Not a 'viral' vid.

But It is one who's a very 'real deal' and I want you to get an imprint of the 'gentle fierceness' that I get through him.

No pretense. No show. Not smoke, mirrors or grand pronouncements.

'Just' God clearly reflected in a man's heart and life.

An example that encourages but also challenge our assumptions.

Years ago Wayne was considered such a threat by the Australian police that his file had this warning scrawled across the cover:

'If you see this suspect, DO NOT APPROACH: Extremely dangerous.'

He only touched briefly on his past last night (I've heard it - it's intense.) Instead, he spoke and moved in demonstrative grace and truth for this time we're in.

He did say a number of things that messed with my head and heart. This one was key:

'Man keeps praying for a move of God and God keeps praying for man to move."


He also spoke into how on earth we are more than conquerors (when we feel like we're barely surviving) and how the enemy keeps us distracted so we don't leverage what's been done.

(Hint: At times we are fighting when we shouldn't be.)

Watch for a few minutes. You may be drawn to watch more.

Tech challenges constrained what we caught of the ministry time - there was a whole lot more that went down. (You'll just have to ask any of those present for a report.)

Watch and listen. Let God stir something in you that's longing to move but still waiting.


PS: Please pray for all of us who were present to act upon what was released. There are big things hanging in the balance; God is tipping the scales and we're all involved.

Full replay, click here.

For more information on Dr. Wayne Gwilliam and Ignite Revivals ministry, go to:

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays.

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