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Is it time to find a plank?

I think I'm finally at the place where I deeply and fully believe that His heart is for me.

But I still get frustrated and confused as to how His hand is working.

Last night we looked at 3 storms, 3 boats and 3 men: The intriguing connection of Jonah, Jesus, and Paul.

Here's just one point from The Deck that I hope you can get: Sometimes, your ship must run aground.

Many times the way through isn't as easy and 'glamorous' as just telling the storm to shut up. But the path is still of God.

In a former job we used to say, 'Some days you're the windshield; some days you're the bug.'

Paul was on assignment to go before Caesar but he had to go through his shipwreck to keep it.

The way we move forward so often does not make sense. But Jesus said that the way was narrow.

In that narrow way, the 'ship' that is a relationship, residence, company, vision or a hope may have to run aground.

The waves may have to rip it apart.

Here's the conundrum: That 'ship' may have been one that God designed, funded, built, christened and launched.

Yet must run aground.

Storms come for different reasons - sometimes loosed by God, sometimes against God, and sometimes because someone else made a bad call.

The question remains - what to do? 3 storms - 3 responses.

Maybe you arise and command, 'Be still!'

Maybe you find a plank and hang on while the storm shatters it into smithereens.

Both will require ruthless trust. One no more or less than the other.

As followers of Jesus, we are to walk through tribulations. Suffering is part of the package - not a penalty for the rebellious or a prize for the pure and pious.

The question remains: Will it drive us into the heart of Jesus or away from the heart of Jesus?

Will we will allow God to use it to move us to our next assignment?

'Nevertheless, we must run aground...' (Acts 27)

Paul spoke this in confidence of a final outcome after 14 days and nights of wet hell. He was not at all in denial about the process: Just assured of a specific promise.

Take heart and take courage in your storm. Be real. Hold your promise and find your plank.

His heart is for you and His hand will move you, nevertheless.


Full replay, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost has all Deck replays.

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