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What drives you and drives you crazy - An understanding of how you're wired - with Author Ruthie

Great gathering at The Deck last night. We were packed to the gils.

Author Ruthie Young helped us to understand the 7 different kinds of 'wiring' that are present in people. (As outlined in Romans 12.)

These represent a critical part of our DNA so we can each walk out His design and reflect His glory in a way unique to each person.

You'll want to watch the replay (click here,) then you'll want to order the book (click here.)

Let me encourage you with this:

What's key in all of this is not simply how you are wired (and coming to grips with that,) but also

...understanding how others are wired differently. (They really aren't crazy.)

This will give us grace to -

a.) stop killing/criticizing each other over the very different ways we come at a situation, and

b.) start to see how we actually need these different kinds of wiring working together to really BE the Body of Christ.

We meet back again tomorrow (Saturday 8/27) here at The Deck from 9 AM to 3 PM for an indepth look at these patterns.

If you haven't let us know you're attending, please reply ASAP to this email so we're sure that there's room.

There's more info on Ruthie and Billy Joe's via their ministry website, Repairers of the Breach and on their FB page. (Go to the FB page and 'Like it' please.)

Please remember these two in prayer.

They are key allies for what lies ahead.

Above and beyond that, they really are family to all of us and just really good and honorable people to boot.

Stay dangerous.


Full replay, click here.

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