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God says: 'STOP! Are you really doing that for ME?'

​In all the PRESSURE of this time of year - gifts, year-end, etc. are you SEEING what God sees?

Do you care or are you just too busy?

Do you have His corrective lenses to discern and align?

As you are 'dashing through the snow' - He's saying,

'Pull back and look: There's an old, dead glory that I need you to bury so you can be free.'

​'And, oh, by the way, all that hustle and bustle to 'celebrate Christmas' that consumes you:

Is it REALLY for Me?'

Zach 7 is linked to this month and it requires we candidly confront that question about every 'spiritual' activity.

I know we're all busy - Christmas parties, gifts to buy, cards to send, plans to make, year-end issues to wrap.

But as Jesus said to His disciples, 'Come away to a lonely place.'

There are powerful scriptures for this time (and not the ones you'll generally hear about) but you'll only get in sync if you can break free from the 'gravity of the group' mentality and listen.

Let Him speak into your heart those things that are on His heart for you, for your circles and for the nations.

- There is old stuff that needs be released.

- Traumatic events that must be renamed.

- Places where you need re-align.

And all, all, all things need be done TRULY for Him.

Make the time, watch the replay: God was all over it last night - regardless of my ineptitude.


Full replay from The Deck, click here.

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