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Deep breath....there's more going on than a frenzy.

Buried beneath all the hubbub that hangs on this season is the still and quiet voice of the Lord.

Christmas cards cannot begin to address the mind altering impact of the 'suddenly' of an angelic announcement that states, basically...

"You are very favored by God. And.....ummm....

Well...your life, as you have known over."

But, by the way,

"That is good news."

But, oh yeah, fine print here...

"This is not some kind of 'clean-and-clear, all-is-forever-well, this-is-easy' kind of thing.

Scripture doesn't tell us of Mary, Joseph and the cast of the back lot of Nazareth and Bethlehem because God wanted an annual party.

We're told it because it sets the historical realities of His humility AND sets this principle before us:

God still comes and asks,

"Will you carry a new work in your heart for me?

Will you allow My Presence to throw the entire trajectory of what you thought would be your life?"

These questions came to those who were already following God - They still do for those with ears to hear.

This is not about conversion - but convergence: The alignment of the rest of your life to The Presence AND a new assignment that remains.

At the last Deck we peered into realities that dare not be presented in Christmas pageants and we peeled back the layers of both the blessing and the blow-up released.

The still and quiet voice of the Lord, asks,

'Will you...?'

Find some stillness amidst the stipulations and machination of the crush.

He's waiting....quietly.


PS: Remember - The Deck will gather on Saturday night at 6 this week: Christmas Eve and Hanukkah align in time and we will shift to align accordingly.

(BTW....The replay was posted Friday but I realize that some of you are not subscribed to the YouTube channel so you didn't get the alert. You can subscribe to that channel via the link at the bottom.)

Full replay of last Deck, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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