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God is 'doubling down' - Will you have a tangible response?

We gave everyone at the Christmas Eve gathering at The Deck ten dollars in cash. Wait....WHAT? (Replay here.)

Of course, we…

  • Worshiped and sang carols.

  • Spoke of Jesus' birth.

  • Had communion.

  • Spoke of Hanukkah in this alignment of time.

  • Blessed and lit menorah candles.

  • And passed the fire from person to person - candle to candle to receive and share the light.

But to give it all real traction and the concrete ability to multiply... We sowed a small financial seed into each person. It looked like this:

The removable labels tag these funds as set aside, anointed and prayed over for Kingdom advancement. A small seed but by the Spirit - enough to start. Like the light we carry within us - an investment for which we are accountable. We're not asked to give what we haven't been given but we are commanded to give as we have received. Now all those must consider how to use this to bless others and multiply it out. They are not allowed to just hand it over to another or drop it in a red kettle - it has to be used to get something tangible for someone on their periphery and give it as a blessing. (Instructions at this point of replay.)

The current alignment of Christmas and Hanukkah demonstrate afresh how God loves to start small and multiply it out. It demonstrates how God is 'doubling down' right now on breaking Light into darkness. It reminds us that culture is always trying to press us to conform and religion will try that as well.

BTW - It does not matter that we're "past" Christmas now - this word has traction as we move forward and bridge into next year. Stand fast - sow as you go: Start with what you've got and see the Light multiply as you go. See you this Thursday at The Deck.


PS: For those of you not present: The same offer stands. Listen to the replay and let me know that you want to be a part of this illustration.

Full replay, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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