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Old tastes better but new is released: The explosion of new wineskins from hidden places

​We have no clue how stunningly innovative and risk-obsessed is our God.

No real clue as to all He is releasing.

Brace yourself.

We tend to think of BIG new concepts with HUGE exposure and MASSIVE production.

God finds a small village with a questionable rep in a back corner of an occupied land - forgotten, ignoble, far from the limelight.

Yet from there He spins up a new wineskin that set the world on fire and has yet to recover.

'Do not despise small beginnings.'

God can move quick and nimbly to set a new wineskin in place that will last forever.

Or He will take a hundred years to establish one that will be deployed for but a blink of an eye.

Time, complexity, appearance, and longevity are not issues for Him: Only for us.

He measures not 'success' but 'victory.'

The question for us is this: Will we move into something new or simply say, 'Nah....The old is good.'

Jesus said that no one desires the new having tasted the old.

Habits, comfort, life: They pull like black hole gravity to keep us addicted to whatever is.

Much easier to stay with the 'what and where' we've been eating, even if we consistently cringe with this craving deep in our bellies:

'God...There has GOT to be more.'

That MORE is often new wine. It can be 'sharp' and 'edgy' as we taste it. Easy to dismiss because it just doesn't taste quite, well...'done.'

New wineskins help mature the new wine and require simple structure and great flexibility. Most are arising from 'wilderness' beginnings. Many in corners overlooked by the world and most of the church.

Yet God chuckles while He stirs and works, creates and ignites.

Maybe it's time we get over the BIG BOX STORE and celebrity mentality of how Kingdom advances? God is blending new wine and stitching new wineskins for those hungry enough to deal with the mess and the appearance of inadequacy of the new.

God is releasing a call for those willing to risk time, prayer, passion and support to nurture the new.

Wanna join in? Watch the replay. See what He's up to.

Let those with ears to hear and eyes to see...


(PS: JImmie Black is performing in Tallahassee tomorrow (Sat) at 4 PM for Lion of Judah at Lifepoint Church, 1224 Pedrick Road, Tallahassee.)

Full replay of The Deck from last night, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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