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A month for NEW OIL anointing - Grab hold! AND - Yoelquis from Cuba - The book of Acts today

The expression 'the eleventh hour' indicates that something is soon but not yet.

It can be a good thing or a bad thing - You can brace for it or eagerly anticipate it.

Regardless, you know that 'something's-a-coming' and things will shift.

Scripture has that sense as we are in this 11th biblical month.

​The Tribe of Asher is the 11th tribe and prophetic word given by Moses is stunning. (Read above graphic.)

During this month lay hold of this blessing by faith and declaration so you move ahead in confidence.

Oil is key this month: Asher 'dips his foot in oil' and oil is central to the vision of the extraordinary gold lampstand (Zech 4.)

For this is not just ANY oil - it is unique; direct and fresh; unprocessed, unfiltered and unending.

New anointing to...

  • See/discern the vision God is setting before you.

  • Stay out of your own strength and function through the power of His Spirit.

  • Move beyond despising the small and slow ways that things have moved thus far.

To move in this anointing we must let God shift our perception of the smaller, slower 'starts' we've experienced.

Cut the critique and cynicism just because it didn't spin up on your timeline or as you wanted.

Begin to understand why the enemy actually fears small beginnings and will work to get you to despise and dismiss them.

There is also a new oil anointing to finish. What God started through you, He wants pressed forward to completion.

A capstone is waiting - the final touch appointed. There's grace to finish upon the foundation that you set.

God's moving - you're catching up - but the enemy wants your sense of '11th hour' to move you into panic not peace; fear not faith; and despising not declaring.

Receive the new oil and,

  • Dip your foot

  • Soak your head

  • Gladden your face

  • Heal your heart

Get 'oily' so you can slip right through the pressure to give up.

​(Yoelquis (center) assistant pastor, professor, and translator Iglesia Methodista, Cuba)

When you watch the replay, you'll want to see the whole session so you can see and hear the heart of our new friend and ally from Cuba, Yoelquis.

She is a remarkable minister of the Good News here on her first trip out of Cuba to the states.

Listen to her brief testimony and you will know that the church in Cuba is vibrant and alive and living right out of the pages from the book of Acts.

God has somehow 'connected and knit' that work of God with this work of God here. Wild, but fun.

Special thanks to all of you who were here to release words of blessing over her and sow financially into that work.


Replay of the Deck, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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