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New Wine coming - Skin check and Prayer Request

Have to be brief. My plane leaves for Mississippi in a couple hours but wanted to get this posted right away so you could enjoy it.

Great night - Intensely powerful work.

This 11th month is linked with the Tribe of Asher. Despite amazing prophetic words over it, there's no great hero from the tribe until Luke's gospel.

Anna of Asher is a devoted woman of God who's been preparing for years and years for the new wine of the Messiah.

She manifests the new skin to hold the new wine and is honored as a prophet.

She is also as the first true evangelist: Telling others about the arrival of Jesus as Messiah when he was but a baby.

Jean Jack is another woman of honor - long faithful and willing to go through the process to become a new wineskin.

She's clear and direct - I love it. Humor, heart, passion and unwilling to take herself too seriously. Wonderful!

You'll enjoy the replay.

(Some of you warped ones may particularly enjoy the last 5 minutes or so (just for laughs) when I'm closing out the session and our esteemed camera woman (who shall remain nameless - even though she's my wife) cut the top of my head off. And here you thought that i couldn't talk without a brain! Scary.)


Please pray for me as I head to Jackson, MS this AM to speak tonight (Friday) 7 to 9 Central and tomorrow 9 to 3 to a group that is gathering to hear more about the new wineskin of the 'carrier' model that God has given us. But there's more to this story, I think.

God's given me a title for this assignment as the 'Mississippi mandate.'

I'm not 'ready' in the natural but your prayers and commissioning over me last night at The Deck were a HUGE encouragement that God will work in His own way.

Thank you for covering this event - I need my SWAT team here to be bombarding the space there.

Love you all. Enjoy the replay.

Stephen .

Full replay from the Deck, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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