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You 'packing' and don't know it? Make sure to pull the right trigger

So....Just one quick imprint from last night.

Last week 'Papa Jim' was waiting to have a rather scary test done to see if there might be a tumor growing. (An earlier test had raised serious questions about a possible 'mass.')

As he was waiting and praying with this unknown before him, God gave him a picture of a loaded double-barrel shot gun: One shell was 'faith' and the other was 'fear.'

He had the choice: Which one to fire?

He chose faith.

Let that simple picture imprint upon you. What's YOUR situation? Do you know that you're packing this kind of 'heat?'

Truth be told, we all face many of these decisions every day. Usually they're small things but sometimes large.

We choose so quickly and 'fire off the round' so instinctively that we don't even know that we did. (But those around us can usually tell.)

So stop for a second and ponder: We all have our 'guns' loaded right now with each of these shells.

There's power in each shell - they're pre-loaded. You don't have to 'work it up' - you simply choose which trigger to pull and what is loosed into the situation before you.

This connects to the another issue we covered last night:

If you understand just how powerful that 'faith shell' is, you actually CAN do MORE with LESS:

You see, you don't actually NEED MORE faith. Jesus did say that the mustard seed is more than enough.

The LESS you need is less doubt and unbelief.

(That may be confusing so I recommend you listen to one of the replays linked below.)

It is doubt and unbelief that move us to shoot off a 'fear round' rather than a 'faith round.'

BOTH are powerful. BOTH are in our hands.

There are sources for unbelief and doubt and you can deal with them and cut them off.

Easier to disconnect something that is holding you back then it is to try and talk yourself into pushing that much harder.

There's much more on the replay such as:

  • Why WHAT questions we ask ourselves are so critical

  • Why our faith for others is critical

  • Why GOD may be deliberately holding you back while you're straining to fly

  • And more

And, oh, not to leave you hanging....Papa Jim is just fine. Thank you, Jesus!

Some battles are long and hard, some short and sweet. The long ones just require reload and fire; reload and fire.

BTW - Big time THANKS! After the amazing prayer time over Pastor Bonface from Kenya last night and by your kindness, we were able to sow a thousand dollars into that work! Your grace is impacting children 8,000 miles away. NICE!


PLEASE NOTE: If you have time for only one replay, please listen to this audio message by Andrew Wommack, Unbelief Will Sink You. (This was huge in shifting how I understand faith, doubt and unbelief.)

Full replay from this Deck, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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