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Cuba is on Fire and the Heat is rising here!

Yes, my body is back from Cuba.

The rest of me....still processing.

This is not going to be my normal 'hit a point or points' from the Deck kind of blog.

Rather - I'm going to ask you to just 'dip' into the replay wherever and however long you got. Maybe it will taste like 'more' and you'll get engaged.

These few pics will give you some sense of what awaits you.

Click here to get to it and then see where God leads.

The goal last night was to allow God to 'imprint' a deep sense of what is happening in the hidden corners of Cuba.

The fire of God is moving.

The pictures and short vids that I caught will let you see and hear the sounds of praise rising from outposts in the outback.

You'll also hear the story of this new, long lost, deep friend that I didn't even know that I had until we met. His name is Pastor Modesto and he wrecked our whole team in just 5 minutes.

The fire that is burning there is kindling here but needs more willing fuel and the fresh wind of Pentecost.

Watch, listen, pray - maybe you're part of the next exchange in this heart connect by Fire with Cuba.


Full replay, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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