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P.I.V.O.T. Up - Mind the trap of false hope in your 'Pool'

In a month when God reminds us that one of His names is

'I AM the Lord who heals you,'

certain questions arise:

  1. Is the real healing you need actually emotional or spiritual? (And thereby triggering the physical?)

  2. Do you really WANT to be well? (Many of our 'issues' excuse us from things.)

  3. Do you know how to release old sources of hope that continue to disappoint and plague you?

  4. Can you position yourself as a pivot point that connects what He's done with what He still wants to do?

To PIVOT is to be: Present. Immersed. Valued. Open. Trusting.

The hands shown here are God's - Holding all that was and all that might be so we can release regrets/rethinking the past and worries about the future.

Only then can we be in the present with Him - where time and eternity intersect. (CS Lewis)

​And then, when we are immersed, (as Jim shared,) the residue of ash from past regrets is washed away; a cleansing that occurs.

(More insights on PIVOT in the replay - Part 1, click here.)

Beyond this, we see how John 5 exposes how we can fail to pivot if our hope is set on some kind of 'divine lottery' trap.

That's a source of hope that is not of God but snares us regardless. We 'park it,' wait and watch.

Subsequently, we cycle into being a victim as hopelessness arises from what we had thought was a source of hope.

Last night I shared how God is confronting me about my 'pool' in detail and how He told me, in no uncertain terms, 'That pool is closed!'

I wanted healing to come through the same source that caused my major wounding. But God said, 'Not gonna happen.'

Like Dorothy in Oz, He said, I'm want to go back to Kansas. But He didn't bring me into Technicolor so I would go back to a black and white world.

Maybe this is a word for you about your personal pool or pools. As Richard said, we each have a number of them.

The replay is in two parts because they are so different (even though deeply connected.)

Ponder what God is releasing in each section. Forward to someone who needs a word.

Take heart and new hope.

God longs for you to pivot away from false hope so that Jesus can speak into your here and now.

It's time to pivot UP so we can pivot out and forward.

As Shelley heard from the Lord as we were closing, 'The pool is closed but the River is wide open!'


Part 1 of replay, click here. (The Simple Process for Intense Strength)

Part 2 of replay, click here. (When Your Hope Is Holding You Back - The Pool Is Closed)

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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