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A month when what's been stirred up in you crests and breaks forward

This was an unusual word for me. I plunged back into the scriptures connected to this 3rd month and came out on a wave.

A single phrase from Acts 2 triggered it all: '...when the day of Pentecost had fully come.'

The greek indicates a build up: A peaking or tipping point of something started earlier but had now, in time, finally manifest.

You'll need to watch the replay to see how that all comes together but here's a core principal:

It's about deep waters, violent storms, and the release of waves that appear in their time.

It takes time for the energy to transmit through the deep. Energy that was released in one time and location but builds, intensifies and travels to suddenly appear and explode as a massive wave in another place and time.

It is, effectively, the dynamic of the intense and violent 'storms' in the first month (Passover/Crucifixion/Resurrection) now break open in this, the 3rd month.

It is also how God stirs things IN US to be released later in greater force.

God has spoken of the deep waters in me - how He knows them, what is there and how He even speaks from that place in the depths.

He spoke of the storms that have violently stirred those waters and my subsequent fears of radiating waves that might crash somewhere else.

Yet also came this stunning revelation: HE is often in those storms and wants those waves released from the deep waters.

Clearly, ours is not a 'safe' God.

Ours is not a 'safe' message.

Ours is not a 'safe' assignment.

'Good' God, a good message, and a good assignment: All good but not safe.

Questions for you in this month will be about the deep waters in you, how have they been stirred by the storms and what does God want loosed to break out now?

He continues to surprise me over and over and over again.

Connecting dots I didn't know existed. Being comfortable with risk that I didn't know He'd take. Particularly, risk through me.

He continues to speak to any and all of those 'with ears to hear.'

'Today, if you hear His voice...'

So may it be.


Full replay, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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