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So, you comfortable in those chains?

We are fiercely PASSIONATE about your deep and true freedom.

That can only come in your walk with Jesus and a relentless commitment to hold both ends of 'The Wire' - Grace AND Truth.

Last night Kim and Gail brought a word with resounding and practical clarity that is actionable and WILL bring you into greater freedom.

A spirit of Denial can be exposed and removed - the chain can be broken - IF you are willing to see it and face it.

Your very personal enemy is committed to keep you in a wilderness - wandering...wandering...wandering.

Same mountain, same cycle, same s......stuff; never crossing into the 'more' of the Promised Land that God is longing to give you.

Denial is more than a personal issue: It's territorial and can season atmospheres over regions, states and nations.

It creates a culture of denial that reinforces the ground level work of these spirits in individuals, families, groups and churches.

​No need for fear in this. Just a practical understanding that breaking free from a spirit of Denial can be tough - given what operates around you.

BUT....You are not alone!

Your Advocate and Advisor is longing to break off the chains you don't even know you carry...


(If you have any doubts about how this operates even in the life of a strong believer, jump to this part of the replay to hear Gail's transparent process.)

​There is SO MUCH MORE God has for you.

Stop being ripped off by the Thief!

Stop thinking you own that chain.

The more you see, the more God can set you free.

For all of our sakes then,

  • Watch the replay.

  • Walk the process.

  • Break free and advance.

Even creation waits with longing for the revelation your stunning glory. (Rom. 8)

Stop making us all wait to see that!

Do your part - let God do His.


Full replay, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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