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How DO you fight a storm?

Violent storms, chaos and craziness...

Yet and still, God is moving us into a season of new beginnings.

Soon we cross into year 8 of this decade - 8 is linked to the Hebrew letter 'Chet.'

Chet is formed by taking the letters Vav (linked to man) and Zayin (a 'crowned' Vav - linked to Jesus) and 'yoking' them together.

In the midst of your storm - how is that yoke working for you?

Old things often keep us more exposed to the storm than yoked to the Lion of Judah.

(We have the whiplash to prove it.)

But God has a process where the old 'cling-ons' are exposed and cut off so we enter the rest required by a new beginning.

(Details in the replay.)

​In John 8 Jesus faces a ferocious storm while remaining anchored in rest.

He's not on the sea - He's in the Temple.

Yet life and death are still at stake by a concerted conspiracy set to destroy Him.

The strategy is this: Play the woman as a pawn and force Him to declare as a rebel against Rome or apostate against God.

Jesus is not intimidated by the raging ruckas before Him.

He doesn't give it the time of day until He's ready to speak.

And then, only then, out of the rest does He rise...speak...and return into rest.

The storm stops: Its dissipation and His declaration draw her from death to life and a new beginning.

This is how we enter our new beginning. How we cut off the accusations and fear which holds us back.

Indeed, when a storm comes we will always need to fight.

Here's the choice:

Fight the storm in our own strength or fight to get into the Presence and speak to it from there.

That is where we speak in a power much greater than our own and in a rest much deeper than any storm.

In the midst of crazy, scary news pressed upon you from every side, make time to recalibrate back into the calm 'eye' that is His Presence.

Your true voice awaits you there.

Speak into your storm.


PS: Please remember Cuba also in your prayers. We're awaiting word from our friends down there.

Full replay of The Deck, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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