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Alignment, Anointing, and Authority for your new beginning

This new biblical month (sundown Sat) is a time to recheck how you are aligned for authority in the unexpected changes set before you.

The tribe of Benjamin that is linked to this month has a long and stunning legacy:

  • King Saul

  • Jonathan

  • Esther

  • Mordecai

  • Apostle Paul

Intense people in intense times - sudden changes for promotion or demotion; tests of conviction, courage and covenant.

People that thrived or died based on alignment.

Last night we culled out some common threads and lessons to bear in mind this month:

  • Saul came into alignment and anointing with Samuel only to break that alignment and lose the anointing.

  • Jonathan realigned with David and preserved his family line when the anointing shifted.

  • Esther strengthen in her alignment with Mordecai to gain access to the king and increase in authority.

  • Paul was yanked out of his alignment authority en route to Damascus and was realigned from attacker to defender.

​Alignment is connected to your authority and to the sphere in which you've been authorized to move.

Watch how those shift in this month.

Don't stay stuck just because you've always been doing it a certain way.

Much, much more (maybe too much) on the replay. It will give you much to ponder.

​Stay dangerous for good....


In a month of the fierceness that is in Benjamin, find the right way to let that move through you.


Replay of The Deck, click here.

PS: Many of you really enjoyed the new worship song last night, Resurrecting. 'The resurrected King is resurrecting me.' Let that chorus get into your bones. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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