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Right now...Ask God, 'What's next?'

Time is odd.

We think we 'own it' but most the time it owns us, drives us, runs away, dissipates like vapor.

"Where the heck did time go?!?!"

​Most cultures warp our sense of time, even church culture.

Too many distractions and ruts that clutter up the truth of what counts and what doesn't.

One reason we stop and honor the first of each new biblical month (First Fruits) is to regain a proper sense of time - His time.

God is outside of time but He speaks to us about it so we remember that each day in each month is unique and counts as we align it with His direction forward.

Yet most us simply get stuck going around the same old mountain again....and again....and again.

It might even have been a 'good mountain' where we experienced His Favor, Presence, Power and Glory.


In this month, God links these commands in scripture:

Break camp and advance!

Take possession of what I've given to you.

What does that mean for you, today?

Brennan Manning wrote: "There are two visions of life, two kinds of people. The first see life as a possession to be carefully guarded. They are called settlers.

The second see life as a wild, fantastic, explosive gift. They are called pioneers."

Psalm 84 says it this way: Blessed are those...'whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.'

Knowing this keeps us clear on the value, purpose and direction of each day as a part of that journey, regardless the tasks at hand.

So ask God, right NOW, 'What's next?'

This is not some massive and isolated question looking for radical vision: It's right now.


Allow the question to stand before you and Him and ask it throughout the day.

Maybe He'll speak; maybe not. Maybe you'll hear; maybe not.

But He does so LIKE to be asked.

This question keeps you aware that He IS fully engaged in your day and that you're on His journey.

In this way, you mark the day for eternity: It counts!


Replay for The Deck, click here.

The section that I quoted from Brennan Manning can be found here. (pages 43 to beginning of 47) It's from The Lion and the Lamb: The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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