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Deployed by the Stable One in an Increasingly Unstable World

Each week we deliver this small sliver of The Flight Deck so you can 'grab and go.'

Meaningful and manageable....we hope.

Most get this on their phone and then delete/ignore or ponder. We get that.

The sheer volume of 'stuff' coming at us pounds the living daylights out of our hearts.

We try not to add to that load but provide a context that will help you navigate, so here we go...

One: Most believers think their strength is in God and are blessed (per Ps. 84:5.)

Here's a test: 'Is your heart 'set on pilgrimage?' (...Really?)

The location of your strength and a heart set on the journey are mutually codependent.

Ours is an odd stability: A life that is risk-based and connected to the God who is moving forward in the earth.

If strength and heart are not so connected, then the seduction of delusional stability creates other structures that we'll trust.

(And Love will have to deal with those.)

Two: If you think that God's glory is residing in/on you (or some hallowed institution or group,) then you need to examine what 'walls' are set around.

God is the one who sets the protective perimeter when His glory is involved.

The walls WE build are usually well-intended but restrictive.

(And He's NOT one to be caged.)

We're never naive about warfare but we know the Power in Whom we're sourced.

Three: God is dealing with the crud.

Spirits of Accusation and Condemnation that move against and through His followers are being faced off.

'Old clothes' of how we functioned that are soiled are being stripped off so that the new can be set.

(BTW - More on distinguishing condemnation from conviction in replay. Need to discern.)

If you're still reading then it's likely you're hungry for more.

It's also likely that you are part of what might be described as an 'underground and open-heaven' move of God.

He's not thrown off at the pace of change, the volume of information or the questions arising from the next generation. (Gen Z)

He has been gathering many broken shards of the Body to engage, arrange, assure and mobilize them.

He still wants to be the wall of fire around and the glory within His work.

He wouldn't have it any other way.

The Stable One wants you deployed in an increasingly unstable world.


Full replay of The Deck, click here.

Barna Group webcast referenced about Gen Z, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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