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Do NOT hold it back! Do NOT abort the process.

As of sundown tonight (March 16) you've entered into the First biblical month.

So what?

Ah....a favorite question of mine.

There are massive things of God tied to this month.

But these things that are not just for your information and impression...

...but for your transformation and transition.

In this month, God demonstrates 1.) The necessity to fully leave so we can advance, and, 2.) That something must die for there to be life.

Our motivation to leave what was and to die to what is, must come from the deeper passion to advance and for life.

What has been burning and churning in you - becoming stronger over time?

Is there a sense of 'the joy set before you?' Is it but a faint light?

Ask Him to bring it into full intensity (and full term) this month, so that it must come forward and manifest. It's time!

This month in scripture is about being PROPELLED into that which God has been stirring and building in you.


This is the month when Israel was pushed out of Egypt AND when they finally advanced into the land God was wanting occupied.

What is YOUR territory to occupy?

Jehovan Sneaky has been messing with us and He is fully engaged, so be attentive.

Case in point: He flung a door open this past week at just the right time and place so we would be compelled to launch a new work in Valdosta State Prison.

Result: Another heir-craft carrier is launched to begin operating behind bars for the true freedom of captives!

Amazing to behold and stunning to experience.

His strange way forward felt a bit like His crazy way to get Joseph to Pharaoh's court: Not the expected route, but it worked brilliantly.

And God has more: A door cracked open to deploy this model in the marketplace.

A place where the church was always meant to be, but has largely abandoned.

(Watch replay for more on this.)

These are just two manifestations of what God planted within us long ago: They've been stirring and growing and, sometimes, just plain painful to carry.

BUT NOW, in this month, the process, pain and the promise PUSH us into what's new.

IF, IF, IF, IF....

...we will not abandon, neglect nor abort that which He has for us.

This is a POWERFUL time - a NOW time.

Don't hold back. Don't loiter by gazing at what was.

Lean forward, let go and watch it break open.


Full replay of The Deck teaching, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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