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Stop the cycle: CUT THE CORD!

Most of us long to have the kind of breakthrough advance that God's word demonstrates in this month.

But few us see the cord that is attached to us....we just get yanked back over and over and over again.

Time to deal with it or it will continue to deal with us.

Passover, the crossing into the Promised Land, and the Passion of Jesus are the 3 primary events linked to this month.

All 3 demonstrate specific stages of transition: Most we get and experience when we move into a new season.

And yet...

...there is one barrier that most do not address .

And most are thereby vulnerable to the entanglements of the enemy.

That final barrier to the clean transition is to cut off the reproach that remains.

There is no real freedom until we square with it.

Lingering reproach is like a paddle ball toy, but worse...

We be the ball!


But note God's pattern:

He crushes the reproach of Pharaoh when Israel crosses the Sea.

He cuts off the reproach of Egypt once Israel crossed the Jordan.

He rolls back the reproach of the Cross when Jesus crosses from death to LIFE.

​So what?!?!

Where are your old sources/strings of reproach?

And when God shows them to you, will you ask Him, in His mercy, for the 'kindest-cut?'

Behind enemy lines, feet yet wet from the river rolled back, the wounding that is worthy is enjoined to a generation of waywards who will become warriors.

And so at Gilgal, the reproach of rebellion and it's recourse are rolled away...en mass.

What about you?

Don't get snapped back again and again because the cord of reproach is attached.

Take heart. Take time. Be still and ask Him.

NOW IS THE TIME and this is the year.

There is MUCH MORE for you in this Passover/Crucifixion/Resurrection season.

It's time to cut the cord.


PS: Deck replay is in two parts: First part is the brief update by Pastor Simani from Kenya.

You can reach him via email at: For more information go to:

Pastor Simani and Kenya update, click here.

Replay of teaching from this Deck, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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