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Hands up! Do you know your role in the fight?

Sometimes...admit it: We're just plain stupid.

We ignore God's directives in when to fight, what to fight, and how to do so.

Our ignorance (or rebellion) is predictably disastrous. (See Num. 14.)

But as the stakes of this time are increasingly high we best clue into what 'the Spirit is saying to the church' now.

In this 2nd biblical month, in His word, God shows us the first battle of His freed people when they engage the spirit of Amalek.

Nasty, persistent, and persecuting foe: Targets the weary, the straggler, and the tired.

(And those parts of us in those states.)

Hates God, His promise, and His people.

But... vulnerable to the right strategy.

God shows us that TACTICAL strategy in Ex. 17.


Rule TWO: Find your place in the battle and fulfill it.

Four assignments are shown: Each must play their part. Each must engage the process until the work is done.

Intercession AND intervention work like two sides of a coin.

Together, there is victory. Apart....?

Yeah....Not so much.

​​Joshua identified the right people, called and led them into battle.

Moses raised up the standard of Jehovah Nissi.

Aaron and Hur supported the standard raiser when he grew weary.

Israel's fighters stayed long in the battle until the victory was secured.

What's YOUR assignment and with WHOM are you aligned for battle?

Don't confuse your position with your assignment.

Acts 12 shows us a time when the key leader doesn't raise the standard because he's otherwise occupied.

Actually, he's simply snoring in the slammer. How's that for spiritual leadership?

(Note: It is. Sometimes your role is to rest like that, after having done all.)

Meanwhile, the standard goes up in a house church across town; the battle is enjoined and an AWA Fighter is mobilized from heaven. (Angel With Attitude.)

​Peter might have been alone in the cell when this started: But he was never a lone ranger.

As others fulfilled their assignments, the standard was raised to 'bring down the promised help' into the fight.

This month is linked to Issachar: Know the time AND what to do. Move in intercession AND intervention.

Hear what the Spirit is saying: Find your place in the fight and fulfill your assignment.

Hands up!

In surrender to Him, not the enemy. In praise. Intercession. Intervention. Raise the standard in victory.


Watch replay of Deck teaching, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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