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Will YOU be His lightning rod in this time of charged atmospheres?

Lightning is a remarkable process where power in heaven searches for a place in the earth that will meet it in the air.

Intensely powerful. Persistently present.

Absolutely necessary for life.

A dance that is orchestrated in the atmosphere but requires a response to release its power for the benefit of earth.

So it is in this 3rd biblical month.

This month is anchored in time by the events of Israel at Mt. Sinai for Shavuot and by the disciples at Mt. Zion for Pentecost.

In both situations, the 'charged' atmosphere of heaven presses the earth realm to draw a reaction upwards until the two connect and then

POW! ...power is released.

Or not.

Israel would not bear to hear the Voice of God and required Moses to stand between them like an insulator or deflector.

Their subsequent part in the covenant that follows never does quite 'take' as it should.

Yet when the charged atmosphere over the disciples in the upper room manifests as a roaring wind with fire, they do not fall in fear but extend in agreement.

So Heaven and Earth align in that agreement and...


...the power of the Spirit explodes like the crackle of lightning and alters the atmosphere.

That atmosphere fosters LIFE and 3,000 are saved that day.

Lightning 'finds agreement' in the earth and strikes 100 times...EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

For what purpose?

Each time that power shatters the bonds of nitrogen molecules and those shattered bonds provide plants what they need to grow!

The release of power fosters an environment for LIFE.

In this month of turbulent atmospheres, charged with the power of heaven, attend to what you hear and how you respond.

Will YOU be God's lightning rod and foster an environment of LIFE?

Respond to His initiative as the earth responds to the upward pull of the charge.

Extend your reach; connect to heaven; allow the Power of God to manifest in an explosion of power.

Crack open the atmosphere.

Heaven is simply waiting for agreement.


Full replay of The Deck teaching, (with a lot more about lighting and the intriguing way it works,) click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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